Kevin McKown /CEO


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AASW  is located in (Albuquerque) in the State of New Mexico, USA. President Mr. Kevin McKown has been involved in collectible automobiles & aviation business ventures for over 40 years, which include aviation consulting, training pilots, training aircraft Mechanics, aircraft design, fly in community's, aircraft speed modifications, import, export of Aircraft and the publication of an aviation Magazine. 

Mr. McKown is a licensed pilot and has over 6000 flight hours in hundreds of aircraft

including propeller-driven, Turbo Prop & jet Aircraft.

In 1999 Kevin McKown Established a company (South Aircraft) to represent EADS-PZL, a Polish/European aviation and aircraft manufacturing company. The goal was to market the small aircraft line manufactured in Poland to  general aviation and military aviation use in the USA, Canada, Central & South America. During this time McKown successfully set up a dealer network in America & Canada.   South Aircraft was in business to import, certify & distribute aircraft manufactured in Poland by EADS-PZL. The Wilga Aircraft, (A 4-Seat STOL Aircraft primary purpose law-enforcement and border patrol ), The Kruk Aircraft ( A 500-Gallon agricultural aircraft) and other aircraft built in Poland at the EADS-PZL factory. (Mr. McKown continues to keep good standing with PZL aircraft manufacturing in Poland.)

In 1988 Kevin McKown (CEO) and founder of (Airflow Composite Group) a company in Albuquerque, NM.  McKown  formed a group of aviation enthusiasts and engineer's to design and build a 6-seat, twin-engine, 3-surface, pusher type aircraft, with trailing link landing gear and Diesel Engines recommended as Power plants.

From 1982 to 1995, Mr. McKown located inspected & sent over 300 classic & vintage automobiles, 287 classic/ vintage motorcycles & several Aircraft to European collectors & Museums in GB, Germany Sweden, Italy, Belgium, France Thailand & SE Asia.

From 1989 to 1999 McKown imported several Eastern European military aircraft to Canada and the U.S.  Mr. McKown in 1999 co-founded with Don Mickey the Aviation Magazine  (SW Aviator),   The magazine was in print from 1999 to 2006  <  McKown, associate publisher of the add driven magazine, test flew aircraft for magazine content, collected information for stories published in the magazine, directed distribution and advertising sales. The Magazine was largely circulated over seven years and during that time the Magazine grew to supply over 1500 airport's, FBO’s airport lounges, restaurants, and aviation schools throughout the nine southwestern states in America. Southern California, AZ, UT, CO, NM, NV, KS, OK, & West TX.

In 2008 McKown visited China on an exploratory aviation Intrest visit.   During this 2008 visit McKown  agreed with the Chinese hosting his visit that as China moves in to the 21st century, aviation will play a huge roll. Employ millions of people and create new General & corporate Aviation minded company's

In 2017, Kevin McKown with a group of Chinese  entrepreneurs formed Aviaiton America SW LLC (AASW) to promote general aviation in china.

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YUNU FU / Annie


China phone 86-188-8961-7852

USA  phone 1-505-227-4284 

Email: or 

Robert Jones / Aerodynamic Engineer



Summary of Experience:

Over forty years experience as a Mechanical Design Engineer including H2 Fuel Cells, Aerospace design, Aluminum, Steel, Advanced Composites, Structures, Tooling, Pneumatics, Fuel and Hydraulic Fluid Delivery Systems, Piping Design, Medical Equipment Design/ Manufacturing and FDA approved QC Systems, Industrial Robotics Design, Petroleum Down Hole Tool Design, Well Head and High Pressure Valves, Marine Seismic Analysis, and Electro-Plating.

Awarded Two Patents - One for High Pressure Fracking Valve used in Natural Gas & Oil Recovery and one for Ultrasonography System.

Three years experience in three and four axis Electro-Mechanical and Pneumatic Robotics Design. Thirty years experience as a Senior Project/ Designer/ Engineer, specializing in DFM/MRP for Aerospace and Industrial/ Electro-Mechanical devices. One year of marine seismic analysis using 3D velocity analysis. Two years of critical path and cost analysis planning for a five hundred-man refinery rebuild. Fifteen years as VP Engineering/ Director of Manufacturing/ Systems Trainer in bone marrow ultrasonography and diagnosis over a 20 person manufacturing crew. 

In all positions I was responsible for Design drafting, Design engineering, Quality control, GMP, DFM/MRP/ERP integration, Customer training and support. I have over 40,000 hours of advanced 3D Computer Aided Design experience using CadKey, and over 28,000 hours using SolidWorks 2004- 2018   with about 2 years utilizing PDM Works. I am current in ANSI Y14.5 and GDT standards. I have worked with SGI-Unix, DOS, Mac and Windows 9X-7 based computer operating systems including network management using Microsoft NT 4.0. I am experienced in all MS Office software including MS Access, Excel, PowerPoint Word and a few Web Authoring tools. 

I use creative ideas to promote novel solutions, bringing quality products swiftly to market.   

I joined   AASW with  aviation interest. My association to AASW dates back to 1984 with founder  Kevin  McKown.

Randy Bibb / AIR RACEING


AASW’s Air racing coordinator and logistics Specialist

 Randy, a Cherokee nation member,  has experience and knowledge into the world wide air racing industry. He  is director of international market &  development for the national championship air races Commonly known as 

 (Reno Air Race association) Nevada.   Randy comes to to  AASW  with  a  lifetime background in aviation,  aviation  education &   Airshow coordination .


Phone +918-630-4953  



Chinese Marketing


Phone: +86-136-0262-5031

Naomi Simpson


China & Asian Marketing


Phone: 928-963-0613 or 86- 136-0019-0536 

Ian Lockwood / AirCam



CO Founder with AirCam aircraft. Ian Lockwood is  & has been with AirCam for over 25 years.  With over 1500 hours in AirCam aircraft alone.  Ian Lockwood is an expert in AirCam and AirCam Manufacture.