14 to 18 days of Sky Ranch Tours in NM 14至18天新墨西哥州航空飞行旅游。

Sky Ranch is not a dream 航空飞行旅游不再是个梦

Would you like a great adventure vacation that takes you off the beaten path through Americas   back country and allows you to fly as well ?


Then join us on one of our fully guided, all-inclusive flying tours.  You will travel with a small group of fellow aviators, in several aircraft. All as we explore from both air and ground 5 of America’s South Western States.

Are you a pilot ? you can fly as PIC, and If you just wish to ride along as a passenger we can provide you with a pilot.

Flying Tours across the South West part of the USA.

If you have your pilots license, come fly with us.

Sky Ranch will take care of everything. We will help with your vacation Visa,

and  all  documents  necessary before you start your visit to Sky Ranch. 

You will Start your air venture in Albuquerque NM USA,

Once you arrive you will be greeted at the Albuquerque main airport by our friendly Chinese speaking staff.

Then transported to the near by fly in community of (1N1) Sandia Air park & Fly in Community. A 2 day 2 night stay at the Edgewood ranch to familiarize you & your family with the aircraft you will be flying .  During this time  Your family can enjoy the local Cultures.

First day of the tour will start early 6:00 AM. With pre fueled Aircraft loaded the Group will fly the short hop from (1N1) to Santa FE New Mexico (SAF) devoting a days stay, Walking the famous Santa Fe plaza.  Great  shops and fine southwestern dining. Staying the first night of our tour at one of the oldest  hotels  in  the  SW.

Then it’s off to the next destination, Moab Utah. (KCNY) Known as”The  Canyon lands”

During the flight the guide aircraft will fly some of the most Beautiful mountains and valleys the SW region has to offer.

Once arriving Moab, We will have 2 days and 2 nights stay.

Unless the group decides on an  All day Adventure rafting tour in the Colorado river. This would add a day to the Moab Stay. (River Rafting adventurer)

Departing Moab will start early with a short flight to the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  Landing Grand Canyon airport, we will be greeted by hotel staff and taken to our hotel to enjoy a delicious breakfast. A  2 to 3 night stay at Grand Canyon is up to the group. 

Then with an early morning departure the group will depart Grand Canyon for Las Vegas  Nevada, landing Las Vagas  North airport (KVGT) enjoy a early breakfast. Greeted  by casino staff and shown our rooms.

With a 2 night stay in Las Vagas  we will enjoy breakfast at the airport restaurant and then off to Laughlin Nevada. Laughlin is another  small casino town in NV.

Located  on the Colorado river. We will stay in Laughlin 3 to 4 nights.

Once in Laughlin ( Home of Shebley flying service,  pilots within our group that wish to obtain a SeaPlane rating, have the opportunity to do so.

Then once again with an early morning departure we fly back to home base (1N1) Sandia fly-in  community.  

Number of Airports per state in USA 美国飞机场分布图

tours start here Albuquerque NM


 Skyranch employees  Chinese speaking your language  will meet you at the airport on the day you arrive

Pictured above on an aviation map of our starting location


 we  start  at  airport  (1N1)  Pictured here, just east of Albuquerque

Our journey will take us across the south west within in the states picture above


This journey will take you to some of the most beautiful valleys and mountains the  SW  has to  offer

1N1 Sandia airpark NM 新墨西哥州


Santa Fe the capital city for the state of New Mexico old history in America


White Sands is one of New Mexico’s national parks hundreds of square miles of nothing but white sand


Multi colored sand stone mountains and valleys beautiful vistas along the flying route


 Canyon-lands national monument Utah 

On our trip we will have the opportunity to rent a private jeeps to drive through very interesting countryside


 Sunset in canyon-lands 

Sandstone colors like these above are common early morning and sunset hours


 During your visit to canyon-lands 

Let  Sky ranch tours fly you to destinations that will amaze you and your friends

Las Vegas KVGT NV 拉斯维加斯


 Las Vegas Nevada 

When in Las Vegas we will have time to enjoy entertainment shows and possibilities for gambling through the night


 Grand Canyon national Park Arizona 

With the Colorado river almost 1 mile below your view is spectacular


 Enjoy Las Vegas Nevada 

 World famous gambling city in the heart of the south west America


 Laughlin Nevada 

As the Colorado River departs Nevada Laughlin is a small gambling town on the southern border


 Like  beaches   the Pacific coast 

Pictured above is one of the hotel casino beaches  along  the   Colorado River


 Get your sea plane waiting while in Laughlin Pilots from around the world enjoy time spent in Laughlin obtaining their seaplane endorsement on their pilot license