Aviation America SW is a Chinese and American owned Aviation company.   

Aviation America SW's purpose & goals are to promote and build business partners in China & America. Joint business partners that can build trustworthy relationships.  Aviation America SW with Chinese partners is not limited to the following list of business ventures or opportunities. We  would like to represent ourselves as a team builder and team player among  Chinese business Circles.



We all know  the world needs pilots and aircraft mechanics, weather in the air freight industry, airline industry, Air Medical,  Airborne Law Enforcement, news  or  pipe line /power-line patrol. General aviation worldwide is growing. China has the worlds fastest growing general aviation  horizon !  


At this time AASW is working with several FAA part 141 Flight Schools & part 147 aircraft mechanics schools and University’s  to promote and educate students in Aviation.

In the near future, schools designed toward flight instruction, aircraft engine / airframe mechanic training, education of Fixed Base Operations & Air Traffic Control will also need to be established world wide. These aviation centered schools and universities will support the growth of General and Corporate aviation .

Aviation America SW also provide student visas and housing for students attending schools abroad. Aviation America SW is the perfect partner for growth in aviation education . 


 If your city or Province is planning an Airshow interested in bringing Air Racing   to your city  or building a Museum,  AASW has the experience to attract audiences of all ages.   AASW, can locate Air Show attractions and performers that will amaze any crowd. AASW would enjoy the opportunity to work with Museums to display aviation in many venue’s. Produce display‘s  that will provide a learning experience for people of all ages. With AASW’s Experience in locating Aircraft  world wide,  for  any  Museum  display.


2,800 airports are the Chinese government’s airport growth intention within the next 10  to 15 years. These airports across China will interconnect with services much like those across Europe & North  America.  

Aviation America SW is available to work alongside investors or municipalities ready to plan and build airports.  That  will  attract aviation businesses from  around  the  world  & employ locals.


AASW is in contact with many aviation company's around the world that might be interested in relocating to China.  Company's ready  to restart manufacturing with in the growing Aviation community in China.

Aviation America SW is available to work hand-in -  hand  with overall layout and design of airports, runway lighting, approach & navigational aids related to airport  environment.

 Planning, design and development of local flight or fly-in communities.

(where aviators live with there aircraft)

 Site Selection and Construction of Safe, Green and Environmentally friendly airports.

  AASW, is available to work with building Fixed Base Operations (FBO) designed to cater to all areas of aviation, customers in all facets of GA (Fuel, maintenance, aircraft storage, classroom environment & medical operations)


Aviation America SW has in house, Aircraft Design Engineers available for the initial design & development of new  aircraft !

Within this area Aviation America SW is also available to modify and make changes to existing aircraft and aircraft type certificates for resale world wide. This enables existing aircraft to be modified to better  meet  certification  standards & fuel efficiency.

 - Engine changes to decrease fuel consumption and lowering the carbon footprint of aviation related products. 

 - Materials used that are lighter weight and less costly in the manufacturing process.


公司的宗旨和目标是在中国和美国推广和建立业务合作伙伴, 同时也可以建立可信赖关系的联合业务合作.



  • 航空:

 我们都知道全世界都需要飞行员和飞机机械师,航空货运业,航空业,航空医疗/空降执法,新闻,管道和电力线巡逻. 全球通用航空正在增长, 中国拥有世界上发展最快的通用航空地平线!

  • 学校:



公司还为在国外学校就读的学生提供学生签证和住宿。 本公司是航空教育的完美合作伙伴。

  • 航展、航赛和航空博物馆:

 如果您的城市或省正在筹划航展,航赛或建造博物馆,本公司有经验为你设划如何吸引所有年龄段的观众。 同时, 公司还可以帮你找到航展的亮点和表演者,这将使任何人群惊叹。 我们有机会与博物馆合作,在许多场地展示航空。制作能够为所有年龄段的人提供学习体验的展示。凭借公司在博物馆中为陈列定位飞机的经验,将会有双赢的局面。

  • 建设机场:



  • 飞机公司出售:

公司与许多有兴趣搬迁到中国的航空公司保持联系, 飞机公司在中国不断发展的航空界重新开始制造业务。

  1. 本公司可与机场,跑道照明,与机场环境相关的导航设备的整体布局和设计一起工作。
  2.  规划,设计和开发当地航班或飞行社区/(飞行员和飞机一起住的地方)
  3.   选址和建设安全,绿色和环保的机场。
  4. 本公司可用于建设固定基地运营(FBO),宗旨在满足航空的所有领域,通用航空的各个方面的客户(燃料,维护,飞机存储,教室环境和医疗运营)

  • 飞机设计与开发:

  1. 本公司拥有内部设计,飞机设计工程师可用于设计和开发新设计的飞机!
  2. 在此区域内,公司还可以修改和更改现有的飞机和飞机类型证书,以便在全球范围内转售。这使得现有飞机能够被修改为更好的质量标准和燃料效率。
  3.   改变发动机以降低燃料消耗并降低航空相关产品的碳足迹。
  4.   使用的材料重量更轻,制造过程成本更低。



Our history started in the early 1980’s with founder Kevin McKown who earned his pilot license &  started his Aviation  Career.

 By 1988  Kevin gathered a group of Aviation engineers and aviation enthusiasts and started a company in Albuquerque, NM 

(Airflow Composite Group) 

This company’s ambitions were to develop a 6-seat, twin-engine, 3-surface, pusher type aircraft, with trailing link landing gear and 68 Liters/pr hr fuel efficient Diesel Engines.  Named, the 600-6 the 482/kph aircraft was Expected to enter in to the Experimental aircraft market in the early 1990’s. With experimental certification gained, the road to full FAA certification and Type Certificate would be lessened. 

This aircraft design was the First Twin Engine "Diesel" powered aircraft post World War ll.

The aircraft drew attention within the aviation community world wide! But Kevin CEO if the company pulled the plug on the program due to the lack of funding.

By  1999 Kevin McKown Established an FAA aircraft import, export company.

 (South Aircraft) During this time making frequent trips to Eastern Europe searching for museum quality aircraft, Kevin met officials at the polish aircraft manufacturing company in Warsaw  Poland.(EADS-PZL) PZL the company, consulted with Kevin and made the dissection to have Kevin aid with marketing throughout North, Central & South America. 

The task was to export from Poland & import to North America the small GA aircraft line manufactured in Poland, Then establish a aircraft dealer network to distribute to  general aviation.  Aviation uses  for  these  aircraft  were  for  airborne law enforcemen, military and private aviation within the USA, Canada, Central & South America. 

During this time Kevin successfully set up a dealer network in America & Canada. 

South Aircraft  was in business to import, certify & distribute aircraft manufactured in Poland by EADS-PZL. In 2006 the EADS side of the company discontinued the General Aviation Aircraft to make room for Airbus construction.


 Wilga Aircraft, (A 4-Seat STOL Aircraft)  primary purpose law-enforcement and border patrol.

 Kruk Aircraft ( A 500-Gallon agricultural aircraft) and other aircraft built in Poland at the EADS-PZL factory.

 To this day Mr. Kevin McKown continues in good standing with PZL aircraft manufacturing in Poland.

Also in 1999 Kevin founded with Partner Don Mickey a General Aviation Magazine.

The magazine was in print from 1999 to 2006 and can still be found on line.

<www.swaviator.com>  Kevin test flew aircraft for magazine content, collected information for stories, directed distribution and gathered advertising sales. The Magazine was largely circulated over seven years during which the Magazine grew to supply over 1500 airports,  FBOs,  airport lounges, restaurants  and aviation schools throughout the nine southwestern states in America. The  states are  as  follow:

Southern California, AZ, UT, CO, NM, NV, KS, OK, & West TX.

In 2008 McKown made his first visit to China on an exploratory aviation Interest visit. 

During this 2008 visit McKown  agreed with his Chine’se hosting partners that as China moves into the 21st century, aviation will play a huge roll in Chinas Future. Aviation will employ millions of people and create new General & Corporate Aviation minded companies.

In 2017, Kevin McKown with a group of Chinese entrepreneurs formed Aviation America SW LLC (AASW) to promote general aviation in china.

我们的历史始于1980年代初,创始人Kevin McKown获得了他的飞行员执照并开始了他的航空事业。

 到1988年,凯文聚集了一批航空工程师和航空爱好者,并在新墨西哥州阿尔伯克基成立了一家公司(Airflow Composite Group)


这架600-6架482 / kph的飞机预计将于1990年代初进入实验飞机市场。通过获得实验认证,将获得完整的FAA认证和型式认证的道路。



到1999年Kevin McKown成立了一家美国联邦航空局/FAA认可的飞机进口,出口销售公司。并命名为South Aircraft LLC/南方飞机, 本公司在此期间经常前往东欧寻找博物馆品质的飞机,凯文在波兰华沙的波兰飞机制造公司(EADS-PZL)PZL公司与官员会面,咨询,并进行了剖析。 波兰飞机制造公司委托Kevin帮助他们在整个北美洲,中美洲和南美洲摧广市场营销。



南方航空公司正在进行业务,以进口,认证和分销EADS-PZL在波兰制造的飞机。 2006年,EADS该公司停止生产通用航空飞机,精中全部空间专为空中客机。





同样在1999年,Kevin与合作伙伴Don Mickey成立了一家通用航空杂志。


<www.swaviator.com> Kevin测试飞机性能,然后发表测试飞机的杂志内容,收集故事信息,定向分发和收集广告销售。该杂志在很大程度上已经流传了七年,在此期间,该杂志覆盖了美国西南部九个州,超过1500个机场,FBO,机场休息室,餐厅和航空学校。加州南部,亚利桑那州,犹他州,科罗拉多州,新墨西哥州,内华达州,堪萨欺斯州,俄克拉何马州和德州西部



2017年,Kevin McKown与一群中国企业家组成了Aviation America SW LLC简称AASW, 以促进中国的通用航空业